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My carpets look and smell great.

Rick was on time, polite,

quick, and he put me at total ease.

I will certainly use his service again.

Thanks Rick. Mary H. Lisle



Our carpets look very good.

Rick cleans them every 3 months and they

always look good. Joe S. Naperville


I love having my carpets done.

It gives me the feeling of spring cleaning.

The house smells good, everything feels fresh,

my might not notice, but I do.

Thanks Rick. Betty D. Wheaton


Rick has been cleaning my carpets for 7 years now.

He comes twice a year. My carpets don't look new,

but they definitely don't look 15 years old like they are.

Sarah F. Glen Ellyn


I have two dogs and a cat, but by looking at my carpet,

you would never know. Jen S. Elmhurst



I have a 20 year old couch.

I had Rick come out and clean it.

I hadn't seen my couch be so colorful in years.

It made it look new again. Mike G. Chicago



I love having Rick come over to clean my carpet.

He cracks me up J And my carpets look great.

Thanks Rick. Alice B. Bolingbrook


My kids are a nightmare for my carpet.

There's everything from blood, chocolate, soda, fruit juice,

to who knows what. Rick makes

my carpet look great. Mary W. Naperville



My husband never takes his shoes off,

and tracks up the carpet. Rick lets him get away with it.

Dr. Michelle J. Elmhurst




Rick, the cleaner came over,

cleaned and sanitized the new(old)sofa I got from Craigslist,

at the most reasonable price in town.

He took the time to answer all my questions,

and was very personable and professional.

I am his newest fan! Monica S. from Norridge