Most Rooms $25 ea. (100-225sf),
Basement $50-$100
Stairs (10 to 14 steps), $25
Hallway $15
Area Rug $5-$25
Chair $25
Kitchen/Dining Room chairs or bar stools $5-$10 ea.
Love Seat $40
Sofa $50
Sectional Couch $100
Twin Mattress $35
Full or Queen Mattress $45
King Size Mattress $60


Greetings from Rick the carpet cleaner.


I specialize in getting out tough stains. I use the dry foam system from Electrolux. The foam has the consistency of shaving cream. It's safe to walk on right away, safe for kids and pets, and cannot create any mold or bacteria.


Your carpets will be clean, sanitized, deodorized, with free protector, and free color brighteners and will be dry in about an hour.


With my service, everything is included. From pre-spotting, to light furniture moving, and of course, all color brighteners, stain guard protector, sanitizers, and deodorizers. There is no "this is $.39 a foot for this, or $.49 or foot for that." It's all included. So have your carpets cleaned and be able to walk on them, and have them dry in no time.


Please give me a call for all of your carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning needs.


Thank you.